Creation of websites

To create a website like Metatags or Referencement Mobile, it will be necessary to choose a nice design, test the ideal CMS, configure a website, choose a domain name and put a new site online.


The creation of a visual brand identity is a mental representation that takes into account the graphic charter, positioning, distribution channels ...


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the set of techniques and methods used to optimize a web portal in order to improve its ranking in search engines.

A solid and rich web expertise

An experienced digital communication agency provides various services such as services specific to the Internet site: natural referencing, creation of showcase sites and merchant sites, web portal hosting, monitoring and optimization of the site, paid referencing, implementation of a campaign and an Adwords strategy …


Call upon a web communication agency to benefit from the talents of professional graphic designers mastering webdesign and print. These experts are willing to realize a visual identity of a company such as the creation of a graphic charter or the creation of logos. To succeed in a competitive market, a company must work on its image.

A company that wishes to succeed in a visual identity project or the redesign of its site charter must carry out a market study and a competitive study. This work aims to determine the best approach and allows to stand out from the competition.

Visual Identity

A visual identity called graphic identity translates into colors, signs, shapes, texts and layouts.

Creation of graphic design

The creation of a graphic charter allows the company to remain consistent, regardless of the media used to communicate. Before its creation, the brand must be defined: vision, mission, target audience, value and personality.

Communication tools

Websites : WordPress

With the WordPress content management system, it was easy to manage and create a website. This CMS software is used in the creation of various categories of websites: e-commerce, showcase site, blog or portfolio. 38% of websites worldwide are created using this software.

Mobile applications

Created in 1990, mobile applications are linked to the development of telecommunications and the Internet. Its appearance is also linked to the wireless network, agent technologies, democratization and appearance of mobile terminals (touch tablets, smartphones …).

Community management

Community management provides a 360° function that encompasses both communication and marketing. This set of actions aims to engage, animate, make visible, promote Web communication. The role of the CM includes various services: management of social networks, creation of a digital strategy, creation of websites, production of contents…

Appear on the first Google page

Appearing at the top of Google search results increases the chances of winning visitors on an Internet platform. A site that attracts a lot of traffic boosts the conversion of prospects into customers.

In addition to working on the SEO of the site, a business leader must ensure that he gets positive reviews, create relevant content and be wary of negative content.


Entrepreneurs who wish to develop their business must optimize the Webmarketing of their company’s website. To succeed in natural referencing or the use of sponsored links, it will be necessary to concentrate your efforts. Also think about standing out from your competitors. During the creation of your website, think about your commercial proposal. Try to propose something that differentiates you from other companies. To increase the notoriety of a company, there are several tools such as natural referencing, SEM, SMO or inbound marketing.